Sunday, August 16, 2009

Malachi mile stones

This week it seem like Malachi accomplished several firsts. He is now saying ba ba which we think he is trying to say ma ma LOL. He also just learned to wave bye bye. His Grandma Watts waved bye bye and he waved his little hand. I was so surprised! Malachi is standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. He doesn't realize he is doing it so its pretty funny. Cruising and crawling our still two of his favorite pass times. I'm sure he'll be walking in no time! I have been showing him how to put the different shaped blocks into his cookie jar. I think its catching on because his grandma saw him trying to put one in by his self for about 10 minutes lol. We also took Malachi to a friend of ours sons birthday party at a park. He once again surprised us when he scooted so that he could go down the slide all by his self. Over all it has been a very eventful week for Malachi development.


  1. Wao, great.... he seems to be the big guy by now... So nice to see him and you on here....
    Great love it

  2. lol! he was like ok, what is the big deal here guys? he's so cute!