Sunday, August 16, 2009

Malachi's First Birthday Bash

Malachi first birthday theme was Little Einsteins. We had to order just about all the decorations for the party online. But, that was ok because you only have your first birthday once! Malachi even had a special T shirt ordered to wear on his big day. The party was supposed to be at a park down the street from our mothers house however, good ol Utah weather had its own plans. Luckily our cousin allowed us to move the party to her place. We rushed over set everything up and text the guest to let them know the new location. We ordered subway sandwiches, chips, drinks, and cupcakes that had pictures of the Little Einsteins and Happy Birthday Malachi! He even had his own special Quincy(from the Little Einsteins) cake. Malachi was crawling all over the place and didn't want to any one to stop him from his fun. We did get him to sit down and open a few gifts and then tried to get him to try some of his cake. He didn't want to even taste it but did make a big mess! Overall it was a successful Party.


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  2. happy birthday, malachi! wow, his first year has gone by so fast! i remember the day rich came over to our place and showed us the "positive" pregnancy stick, LOL :D it seems like that was just yesterday. i know God will bless malachi with many more birthdays and a sibling within the next couple years ;)