Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oct-Dec in Germany 2009

Greetings blog world!
It's been a long while since we updated you all. Just to do a quick run down of what you've missed. Malachi is now 16 months started walking (around 13 months) and is now running all over the place. He is still working on words but says da da, hey, yea randomly of course but I'm sure he'll be talking our ear off in no time. We are now in Ludwigsburg, Germany and our team is currently in 5 or 6 place. It just snowed here a few days ago and has also become cold. We have gone on several adventures since we arrived, Chocolate fair in Tubingen, Germany, Christmas market here, and the mall of course! Malachi even gets to play with other kids at the local fitness center day care we both work out at. He is also getting lots and lots of teeth. It seems they are all coming at once. Too many to really get a good count but looks like he'll have a full smile in no time lol.

Christmas time is right around the corner we have a few things for Malachi just need to get them raped and put under the tree. I'm still deciding what to cook for dinner. Will be something simple because I believe it will be just the three of us. We do not get a Christmas break this year but they do have a few weeks off during the All star weekend so maybe we will make it to Paris this time!

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